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Royal Mail are not accepting packages to destinations outside the UK for now.

Please be aware that if you place an order with me at present there will be a delay in shipping it.

The service will be back to normal soon . I would use other shippers but the prices quoted by them

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Sorry for any inconvenience. Stuart.

So the new Kickstarter went well with a promise to complete the 7 new models in 1:56 scale for April 2019.  Scratch building is well under way with nearly all the individual vehicles at least 30% complete.

I've also decided to go ahead and add 3 additional models for release at the same time.

Sherman Firefly

Sherman M4A4

Staghound A/C

M4 Artillery Tractor


Waterline LVT(A)1

M15A1 Combined Gun Motor Carriage

Willys Jeep

M2A2 Half Track

LVT(A) 4 


28B32M 2

Once all the Kickstarter backers have got their reward vehicles I will make them available on the website.


I'm also working on a lot of other model railway and wargaming items right now and you will see these gradually introduced to the website over the next months.

In 1:72 there will be Scottish Black houses, cottages, harbour scenery, Bedford OXD, CMP F60L, stone wall sections, brick wall sections, Clyde puffer.

In 1:56 there will be Bedford OXD, cut down Humber 4x4, Looted art work, gunshield for the quad flak gun, bunkers, British folboat.

Thanks again for your support.




Some of my 28mm Germans and their transport at rest.

The LWS has just docked and is going to be replenished prior to going further up river.

Its also time for a brew and a weapons check before pushing on to the next assembly point.

No doubt another river crossing will be involved followed by yet another as the weary Germans fall back to the West.

28B15E28B15D28B15F28B51C28B51D28june18 1028june18 1128june18 1328june18 1428june18 1528june18 17

I got the 1:56 Citreon Traction Avant saloon car finished during the post Christmas gloom.

Lack of any suitable Gestapo or Freedom fighter figures in my collection leaves me with limited photo oportunities.

I'll have a look at buying some at the Falkirk show.

Also did a 1:72 scale version of the 1:56 Fiat Scudato I make.

28B46B28B46C28B4631jan18 12


This week I have been working on my own layout. I've been needing to do this for ages.

The major problem has been dust. So I bit the bullet and shipped everything off by sea to a holding area while I set to work with vacuum cleaner and fine paintbrushes. 

I'm only doing it in order to get set up for some photography so I can show the new model railway items I've been making of late.

Its also been a chance to do some track maintenance and cleaning.  I'll run some locos soon just see whats still working. I know of 1 set of points that is knackered. Watch you tube for spectacular train crash video.

I discovered that some 1:56 items were appearing when visitors cliked on OO model railways.  Sorted now. Other anomalies are being relentlessly hunted down and dealt with. bb 8020S55AAnother load for the docks.





Today's the day.....Its been a while but finaly the convoy is rolling again. Fresh supplies of resin miniatures are now available for imediate shipment to your battlefront

Yes.  The long anticipated Web Site is now live.  To those of you who managed to sneak in a wee order under the radar before today, Well done.  Now its everyone else's turn. No doubt there will be some teething problems, but it will work out in the end and we can all get back home for Christmas.

I've been busy over the summer working on lots of cool new stuff.  I even managed to paint up and detail some of my own 1:56 scale Sherman Fireflies. kickstarter2 2 

I know the barrels look massive. Its the lens on my phone.  Honest Guv.  " Right lads let hunt some Tigers"  

Tune in to this frequency to get up to date news on the latest products and goings on at ANYSCALE MODELS HQ.     Stuart out.